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Manifesting… You hear a lot about it. And you can believe in it, or not. Work with it, or not. But today I manifested without consciously intending.

It was one of those days. You know: no appointments on the agenda, but a whole to-do list on the table, next to the computer. But I can’t get started. In the end, I go to the sea, because it is a nice late summer’s day. I make a tour with my board and meditate on the beach. I return home, make a salad and think: now I really have to! But it’s not going to happen. I tinker with the planning for next year, but have no inspiration nor overview.

I think: ‘Go for a walk, Suzanne, clear your head. Then it will come’. And yes, half an hour later, when I’m walking along the beach in Kastraki, ideas come to me. I suddenly know how to shape it. I see combinations…
I immediately upgrade the walk to ‘work’. Apparently, I need that for my ‘hard work-subpersonality’, because it is, after all, Monday. The fact that I also did some work on Saturday and Sunday has, of course, already been forgotten.
It is work, because I am collecting material for my clients next year. Small shells and pebbles. And heart stones too, for a new little project with Karen from Solsties.

I walk all the way to the end of the beach in Glyfada. Quite a distance, I think. But I don’t know how far it is nor how long or how many steps. Because when I arrived in Kastraki, I discovered that my Iphone is still charging at home. That is a setback. So no photos… No pedometer… No clock…
For a moment, I feel naked. Amazed by it. I remember the time when everyone I knew had a smartphone and I still consciously had an old mobile phone… I hear myself say: ‘what’s the use?!’ Look at me now. I can’t live without. It’s my alarm clock, my meditation tool, my camera, my health monitor, my contact with the outside world, my safety (when I go out on my board), my GPS, …. Well, you probably know what I mean.
But, apparently  I am off without my Iphone. At first I think ‘oops, that’s a shame, I would have photographed this normally’, when I see special sand formations, or when the clouds let in special rays of light… But then I let it go. It is what it is. And I enjoy it.
I enjoy my work. The walking, the shells, the thoughts in my head. The new workshop takes shape. The first questions for the ‘follow-up’ of Divine Discovery are ready, waiting to flow from my fingers on the keyboard…

So I walk. Two km, I have found out in the meantime. And so two km back. It is on this way back that I think:
Oh, I haven’t found a Naxian Eye yet. There aren’t many this year. Today I would like to find one!
Immediately another voice arises – I don’t know what to call it. One formed from humble Flemish clay, I would say. His motto: ‘Be content with what you have’.
You should be ashamed! So many beautiful shells you have found! Even those special ones Walter showed you, which are blue inside… Never enough…‘ I feel it immediately, it almost hurts.
Luckily my Inner Child is alert:
It’s not because I’ve found nice shells and pebbles that I can’t long for Naxian eyes! I am very happy with the shells, but I want Naxian eyes TOO!’
Luckily there was no one around, because I was laughing out loud. I even said out loud,
You’re right! You can ALSO have Naxian Eyes!’

I was still laughing inwardly when I saw them: the eyes. The shells… As if they had just been thrown on the beach. (Actually, I really believe that, that they had just been thrown on the beach, because I had not seen any when I passed there before!) If the word ‘glow’ had a counter, I would glow 1000!

So that’s manifesting,’ I thought. ‘Thank you!‘ And still more showed up. With each shell I found, I looked up to the sky, touched my heart and thanked the cosmos. Eight little eyes were offered. I can assure you that it gives me a special feeling.

Yes, sometimes I feel alone out here. Sometimes I despise the pandemic that makes travelling difficult and I am angry at all those (understandable) reasons that make people cancel. But on the other hand, tears of happiness run down my cheeks.

Manifesting leads to gratitude. Gratitude leads to manifesting.

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