Corona: I plead guilty!

17 november 2020 Suzanne 2020 0

Yesterday, during my meditation, it suddenly occurred to me: ‘That’s why Corona is here!

No, I’m not going to throw yet another conspiracy theory at you. Nor explaining theses, scientifically or otherwise, about the origin of this little organism which manages to bring the whole world out of balance.
And I want to point out, for a good understanding: I don’t really feel guilty. But I can’t ignore it: I have asked for it.

It’s been a long time now that I’ve been telling everyone, that it’s my dream to spend more time in Naxos. That I want to further develop my project here and that I want to enjoy this beautiful place.

Manifesting… I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but I’m working on it a lot at the moment. I thought, I have to take another course in it. But when I heard that our deepest desires are actually the easiest to realize, he fell – that proverbial coin.

Of course, I have, myself, taken a lot of already. I have asked and received. Just think of the flexibility of the Academy where I teach, offers me. I have dared and done. But this year the cosmos has given me a boost.

Thanks to Corona I have travelled to my island earlier this spring. The lockdown prevented me from going back in June. In September I was able to go to teach and refresh myself with my best friends. But before I had to travel again to the cold, wet Belgium they decided to close the doors again… I doubted for a moment wether I would stay or not. But am I glad I did! Because it was a gift from the cosmos!

No, it’s not all moonlight and roses. Here too, everything is closed and freedom of movement is very limited. But I have the sea and the sun. I can make nice walks and now and then I can go out on my board. I have to work online a lot but I can do it with a nice view. And it challenges me to shape the lessons in a

different way… I missed my groups this summer, but I could feel more and more at home here.
And all of a sudden I am overwhelmed with gratitude. It’s not the way I imagined it, but I did get it, that time here in my little paradise! It works!

I felt blocked to look into the next season. I couldn’t decide on schedules. Do I go for it again, now that everything is so uncertain? But suddenly a door opens… If the cosmos takes such good care of me, I just MUST trust it!

I’m going for it. The next few days I spend most of my time behind the screen, but all free moments I’m going to think, write, visualize, decide!
I’m doing it!
Next year I’m going to have at least six great groups!
Next year I’m going to work at least six weeks with individuals or couples!

That’s my new order to the cosmos. I’ll load it into my virtual shopping cart, along with some other wishes. Wishes that resonate powerfully with my core. It gives me a warm feeling.*


*I apologize in advance if you should experience any disadvantage from the interventions the cosmos will do to fulfill my dreams. That is not my intention.

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